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At Dental Elegance, we believe in the value of a healthy and beautiful smile. Employing only the most advanced technology, we can give you the breathtaking, head-turning smile that you have always wanted.


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These old amalgam fillings were causing damage to these teeth, therefore were replaced by beautiful, white composite fillings.

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This patient wanted a better looking alternative when we discussed the need for the replacement of her old failing fillings.

Adhesive composite resin restorations were placed inn a single visit giving a dramatic improvement to the health and appearance of the teeth.

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Using the latest materials is it possible to avoid metal fillings and crowns altogether.

Porcelain ceramic onlays are a far more conservative solution than crowns and can also be used to replace old metal fillings with a result that barely shows.

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Old mercury metal fillings are no longer necessary as ceramic and composite materials are now so much better and offer state of the art solutions.

Instead of crowns, porcelain onlays can be used which are far more realistic and far more tooth friendly as much less tooth needs to be removed.

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This patient requested replacement of these old metal fillings which were breaking down, with a more aesthetic material as she didn’t like the way they looked. An adhesive composite resin material was used to give a great result.

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