Root Canal Treatment in Sidcup

Endodontic procedures, such as root canal treatment, are serious, but our skillful Sidcup dentists can resolve these issues and often save your natural tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

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A root canal is a dental procedure designed to eliminate bacteria from the inside of a tooth. A cracked tooth, deep cavity, or a problematic previous filling may all provide an entry point for bacteria to access the tooth’s vulnerable interior.

Deep decay that works its way into the tooth infects the tooth pulp. The pulp is the part of the tooth that contains the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues. In a healthy mouth, the hard outer layers of the tooth protect the pulp. A tooth that becomes infected on the inside requires a prompt root canal treatment to clear the infected tissue. Left untreated, infected pulp can gradually become an abscess, which requires removal of the tooth.

A root canal is the only viable option to save an infected tooth.

Symptoms of a Root Canal

There are usually warning signs that indicate you may need a root canal. Some symptoms to look out for include:

How our Sidcup Dentists Perform a Root Canal Treatment

Our experienced dentists are the practitioners to see if you are having oral health issues. We have treated many root canal patients with excellent results. Patients who come to see us when their infection is in the early stages give us a better opportunity to relieve their pain and save the tooth.

A root canal treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic, and should feel much like having a regular filling done — the appointment is just a little longer. We will numb the area with local anesthetic. Though you will still feel the pressure of the dentist working inside your tooth, our approach makes this treatment as comfortable as possible.

The dentist will carefully and meticulously remove the inflamed or infected pulp tissue within your tooth, and clean out and disinfect the area. The removal of tooth pulp is safe for adult teeth. Pulp is more important when teeth are still developing; a fully-developed tooth can survive without pulp, as it is nourished by the surrounding tissue.

Once we are satisfied that we have removed all of the offending tissue, we fill and seal the tooth. Depending on your unique needs, we will place either a dental crown or onlay over the treatment site. These dental restorations help strengthen the tooth and protect it from bacteria.

Providing Comfort for Our Dental Patients

Root canal treatment is a routine procedure at our practice, and we are pleased to say we do an outstanding job resolving this issue for patients. Our dentists work diligently to ensure we provide our patients with first class care.

A root canal used to be a treatment that was feared by patients. Advancements in the dental field have made this procedure not much more complex than a cavity filling. However, we understand that you may be nervous about an upcoming root canal treatment. We want you to go into your appointment feeling confident about our ability to treat you. You are in experienced, capable hands when you get a root canal treatment at Dental Elegance.

Advantages of Root Canal Treatment

Dentists can often save the infected tooth.

Root canal treatment prevents the infection from spreading to surrounding teeth and oral tissues.

Saving the tooth prevents jawbone deterioration.

Treatment can help boost oral and overall health.

A crown restoration may improve the appearance of the tooth.

Recovering from Root Canal Treatment

Following your root canal treatment, it can take up to four hours for the local anaesthetic to wear off. You are welcome to return to work or school, but please take care of yourself.

We recommend waiting to eat or drink until the numbing has worn off, as you otherwise risk biting your cheek or tongue, or eating food that burns the tissues of your mouth.

Once you regain feeling in the treatment site, you can manage any pain with an anti-inflammatory pain reliever, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. At this point, you are free to resume eating, and we encourage the consumption of soft foods that require minimal to no chewing for a few days. Avoid foods that may damage the area, including sticky foods, hard foods, and cold foods (which may trigger any lingering sensitivity).

Be sure to follow our aftercare instructions regarding cleaning and dental-checkups. Taking greater care of your dental health can help prevent many dental issues.

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