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Visit one of our gentle and caring dental hygienists twice a year to keep your teeth as healthy and clean as possible.

Specialists in Preventative Dentistry

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Our hygienists work closely with the team of dentists at our Sidcup practice. Your hygienist is usually your first point of contact once you’re settled in the dentist chair. They have many responsibilities, including updating your medical information, evaluating your overall oral health, completing a full dental cleaning, and more.

Our Sidcup dental practice treats both adults and children. A hygienist helps you understand your oral health, and establish a foundation of habits for your home cleaning.

Why Should You Schedule a Dental Hygiene Appointment?

At Dental Elegance, we uphold high standards for every practitioner in the practice, including our team of hygienists. Dental hygiene appointments are a vital component of achieving better oral health. We advise patients to schedule bi-annual hygiene appointments to catch any dental issues early and treat minor oral health conditions.

Our dental hygienists are experts in preventative dental care. During a hygiene appointment, we examine your mouth for signs of disease, teach proper hygiene, and deep clean teeth to help you achieve better oral health and prevent gum disease.

Gum Disease Treatment Sidcup, Kent - Dental Elegance

Gum Disease Treatment in Sidcup, Kent

Gum diseases, or periodontal diseases, are the largest contributor to tooth loss for adults. Periodontal diseases are usually the result of infections or inflammation in the gums and surrounding area.

Mouth bacteria that stays on the teeth forms a sticky film called plaque. Given enough time, this plaque turns into tartar (calculus), which can spread below the gum line. Only a dental health professional, such as a qualified hygienist can remove the tartar, and stop the progression of gum disease.

Your Dental Hygienists in Sidcup, Kent

Our warm and friendly team of hygiene professionals take their responsibility as oral health ambassadors seriously. Here are some of their many responsibilities at our practice.

We are a detail-oriented group, and we start your appointment by updating your health and dental record. Our hygienist will ask you about any medical history, existing conditions, medications, supplements, and more. This information informs how we treat you, and which services we may recommend for any additional dental work.

If your current dental X-rays are out-of-date, we may take new ones. X-rays enable us to glimpse under the surface of your teeth, to ensure we’re treating all areas of your oral health, not just the visible surface.

Also during this session, the hygienist shows you how to best maintain your oral health. Based on our initial evaluation, we may find opportunities for you to improve your brushing technique, and point out any potential areas of concern. In addition to cleaning, we can offer diet or nutrition advice for healthier teeth, smoking cessation advice, and advice on any medical conditions which may make you vulnerable to gum disease — diabetes, for example.

Next, we do a full dental cleaning using various dental tools. This in-depth service makes your teeth pristine by lifting surface stains and removing plaque. When the situation calls for additional treatments, such as fluoride or fissure sealants, we apply those too.

If we recognise an area of concern, the dental hygienist will involve one of our brilliant dentists to assess the issue and outline your treatment options.

After your dental hygiene treatment is complete, you will see and feel a difference in your smile.

Air-Flow Treatment Kent: Upgrade Your Dental Cleaning

Our dental practice uses high-end dental tools and technology to elevate the patient experience. Air-flow treatment is a pleasant and comfortable oral cleansing therapy that gently rids teeth of biofilm, stains, and young calculus. A single Air-flow appointment makes your teeth smooth, clean, and polished.

Fast and Effective Stain Removal

Air-flow uses a spray of air, aesthetic polishing powder, and a gentle jet stream of water to remove surface stains caused by tobacco, food, drink, and more.

This cleaning technique is kind to the tooth surface, and it significantly improves tooth brightness. Air-flow is an excellent option prior to tooth whitening treatments, and for maintenance of a beautiful radiant smile.

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