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At Dental Elegance, we believe in the value of a healthy and beautiful smile. Employing only the most advanced technology, we can give you the breathtaking, head-turning smile that you have always wanted.

A Long-Standing Sidcup Dental Practice

For approximately 40 years, Dental Elegance has provided first-rate dental care for the whole family. Our five-surgery private practice is home to some of the finest dental associates in the area—a few who have been with us for over two decades.

About Dental Elegance

We offer high-end services from expert dentists in a peaceful setting. Our aim has always been to provide professional dental treatments in a warm and compassionate atmosphere, so our patients feel comfortable and confident.

At Dental Elegance, we’ve established ourselves as a practice that offers many specialities and dental treatments under one roof. Our ever-growing patient list includes young children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. We handle general dentistry, glamorous smile makeovers, and much more.

First Class Dental Service for Every Patient

We believe beautiful and natural-looking smiles are the result of tailoring every treatment to each individual patient. Our patient-centric approach to dentistry puts your needs and preferences first, which informs our recommendations and how we develop your bespoke treatment plan.

Our team is dedicated to helping you maintain excellent oral health, and we pride ourselves on our superior service and state-of-the-art facilities. We are confident that our friendly, caring approach to dentistry and comfortable, calming environment will provide you with the dental experience you deserve.

Luxury Dental Care

Luxury Dental Care at a Comfortable Practice

Our dentists in Sidcup is one that values a cosy ambiance first and foremost—and our patients prefer it too. We have designed our space to feel like home. Our waiting area has big windows with lots of natural light, comfortable seating with throw pillows, and plants to make the environment feel more relaxing.

Though we provide a welcoming environment for patients, we also adhere to stringent cleaning standards. Every single surgery in our practice is kept impeccably clean and sanitised for your health and safety.

Our Reputation for Dentistry in Sidcup

Our patients come to regard us as problem solvers. When it comes to oral health and smile aesthetics, we can improve almost anything. No matter which dental issue you are faced with, we can help make it better.

We provide cosmetic dentistry and implants, in addition to all forms of general dentistry. Let us know what bothers you about your smile, and we can explain all of the available treatment options, so you can decide which is best for you.

Additionally, being an award-winning practice adds to our already stellar reputation with patients. We were awarded Outstanding Contribution to Aesthetic Dentistry by the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards, have been acknowledged by The Dentistry Awards, and our lead dentist, Dr Tif Qureshi, received the Sverker Toreskog prize.

An Outstanding Team of Dental Professionals

“Tif Qureshi changed the face of cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry in the UK, many parts of Europe and around the world.”

Dental Elegance has a long-standing team led by Dr Tif Qureshi. Tif is a pioneer in the Align, Bleach, and Bond Smile Makeover, which revolutionised the way many dentists offer cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Learn more about our incomparable team of dentists and dental practitioners on our Meet the Team page.

Dental Technology

At Dental Elegance, we believe in the value of a healthy and beautiful smile. Employing only the most advanced technology, we can give you a breathtaking, head-turning smile.

Dental Technology

We invest in dental tools that elevate your care and make your appointments more efficient. Our digital workflow enables the dentists and hygienists to access your latest records in seconds, and make updates as they work. Our digital X-rays work into this system as well.

Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry services are also impressed by our Smile Simulation, where they can get a preview of what’s possible with their smile before starting treatment.

Two of our more complex pieces of dental equipment are our Trios and CEREC machines. Trios is our intraoral scanner that captures a digital impression of your teeth without the use of traditional dental moulds. CEREC makes customised dental restorations, eliminating the need for many crown and bridge patients to come back for a second appointment.


Dentists across the UK refer their patients to our team of practitioners. If you are a referring dentist, we are happy to serve your patients and keep you well-informed throughout their treatments at our practice.
Dental Elegance

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