Cosmetic Dentistry in Sidcup

Elective dental treatments designed to elevate the aesthetic of your smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

During the last few years, cosmetic dentistry has seen an uptick in popularity. The advent of dental technology and treatment accessibility enables more people to partake in these services to achieve the beautiful smiles they want.

Where preventative and restorative dentistry focus on achieving good oral health, cosmetic dentistry allows you to alter the appearance of your smile. Cosmetic dental treatments are elective, allowing you to transform your smile aesthetic. From quick and minor treatments, such as teeth whitening, to complete smile makeovers, the dental experts at our Sidcup dental practice are here to create a winning smile just for you.

Smile Makeovers – Align, Bleach, and Bond (ABB)

Smile makeovers in cosmetic dentistry use a combination of dental treatments to improve the appearance of your smile. The team at Dental Elegance has pioneered a new way to get an amazing smile makeover – all without cutting or filing down your natural teeth.

Align, Bleach, and Bond (ABB) is our conservative approach to smile transformations – helping you to achieve a straighter, happier smile in just a few months.

Align Bleach Bond follows three simple steps, meaning you know exactly what you can expect when you visit our dental practice in Sidcup.

Smile Makeover Sidcup - Dental Elegance


Teeth straightening at our Sidcup dental practice provides aesthetic appeal and makes them easier to clean – which often makes teeth and gums healthier, too.

Patients can select removable brace systems, such as Invisalign, Inman Aligners, ClearSmile Aligners, or fixed ClearSmile Braces. These can be removed for eating, drinking and teeth brushing while gently realigning your teeth into the desired position.

Aligners are clear and subtle. Most people won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing them, making them a more discrete alternative to conventional braces.


Near the end or at the conclusion of the tooth straightening treatment, we carry out teeth whitening treatments as part of our Align Bleach Bond Smile Makeover.

Bleaching teeth once they’ve been straightened (before bonding) ensures the composite bonding colour matches your newly-brightened teeth.

If you have bonding done on a front tooth and decide to have your teeth whitened afterwards, the bonding would stay its original colour whilst the rest of your teeth become brighter.


Often within 12 weeks, teeth have been straightened and whitened and are ready for composite bonding.

We use composite resin to build up the edges of teeth, giving them each an amazing outline.

This helps to improve the symmetry and shape of your teeth – closing any gaps, chips or cracks, and making them appear more even.

Many patients who were initially interested in veneers very quickly change their minds when we recommend ABB for their smile concerns. Ultimately, an ABB Smile Makeover offers impeccable results, far less damage to natural teeth, and a more palatable cost as well

Many patients who were initially interested in veneers very quickly change their mind when we recommend ABB for their smile concerns. Ultimately, an ABB smile makeover offers impeccable results, far less damage to natural teeth, and a more palatable cost as well.

Who is a suitable candidate for Align Bleach Bond?

As the original pioneers of Align Bleach Bond, we invented the idea to accommodate the need of patients with dental imperfections, such as crooked, discoloured, chipped, cracked or broken teeth.

If you have crooked, overlapping or uneven teeth, there are more folds and hidden surfaces for food and bacteria to get stuck in them. These areas are often difficult to reach when you’re brushing and flossing, too, which increases your risk of developing cavities and gum disease.

Opting for our Align Bleach Bond Smile Makeover and having your teeth straightened will make them easier to clean and improve your dental health.

If you have stained or cracked teeth, Align Bleach Bond can help you to achieve the optimum shade – giving you the confidence to smile more. And composite bonding eliminates the appearance of cracks and chips to provide a more uniform finish.

Advantages of an ABB Smile Makeover at Dental Elegance

Beautiful natural results.

Your teeth look straighter and whiter, with a more aesthetically pleasing shape.

No tooth cutting.

We create beautiful results without causing excess damage to your natural teeth.

Great value.

The average price of an ABB smile makeover is £3,000–£5,000 compared to £8,000–£12,000 for a traditional smile makeover with veneers.

No injections.

As we do not cut or file down your teeth, local anaesthesia is not necessary. Align Bleach Bond doesn’t require the use of injections or drills either, meaning you can expect little to no discomfort.

Fast treatment time.

Often, ABB smile makeovers only take three to four months to complete, making it easier for you to achieve your dream smile.

Simultaneous whitening.

Teeth whitening can overlap with the end of your alignment process, expediting the treatment process.

High Quality Dental Veneers Near Kent

Veneers can offer you an entirely new smile that alters the appearance of the shape, size, and colour of your teeth. These thin, tooth-coloured shells securely attach to the front surface of your natural teeth, upgrading their appearance. Often applied to the front eight teeth, dental veneers are also useful for repairing and covering chipped, cracked, or worn teeth.

At Dental Elegance, we transform the appearance of your teeth with custom-made veneers crafted from the finest materials.

High Quality Dental Veneers Sidcup - Dental Elegance

Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers are strong ultra-thin, tooth-coloured facings specially made to fit the front of each problem tooth. We take impressions of your teeth, determine which shade offers bright yet natural results, and have the dental lab create your bespoke ceramic veneers.

Each veneer is crafted specifically for you, and applied one at a time. Once your veneers are ready, you and the dentist will have to approve them before they are permanently placed over your existing teeth.

We will have to remove a small amount of your enamel, which offers the ceramic veneers a better, more natural-looking, fit. Next, we use a special dental cement to bond the veneer to your tooth, and cure it using an ultraviolet light. Veneer appointments can take a few hours for precise and secure placement—but the transformation is worth the extra time.

We welcome UK patients who live in and around Kent to contact Dental Elegance to learn more about veneer cost and treatments at our exceptional dental practice.

Composite Veneers

Teeth that are twisted, chipped, or spaced far apart can often benefit from composite veneers.
Unlike ceramic veneers, which requires removal of enamel and application of custom-made veneers, composite veneers cover the natural tooth with pliable dental resin. Our skilled dentists apply composite to the front surface of the teeth, then skillfully reshape the material into the desired appearance. The composite veneers harden with the use of an ultraviolet light.

These veneers solve cosmetic issues quickly. Composite veneers are minimally-invasive, and more affordable than their ceramic counterparts.

Advantages of Dental Veneers

Straighter smile.

Veneers can make crooked teeth appear straighter.

Enhanced aesthetics.

Veneers cover imperfections and come in bright, natural colours.

No gaps.

Veneers fill excess spacing between teeth.

Minor repairs

Veneers reshape, repair, and restore small tooth issues.

Youthful Smiles From Teeth Whitening

One way to take years off your perceived age is to brighten your smile with teeth whitening treatment. Studies show that whiter teeth give the impression of being more youthful and add to a person’s attractiveness.

Over time, teeth naturally discolour from age, food and drink, habits, genetics, and more. Many patients can benefit from teeth whitening at our Sidcup dental practice.

All of our dentists and hygienists provide whitening services. We offer two types of teeth whitening in Kent, home whitening and in-surgery whitening. Both techniques use a gel system which contains a whitening agent to lift stains.

Home Teeth Whitening in Sidcup

Home teeth whitening kits are available at Dental Elegance. Everything you need to comfortably whiten your teeth at home comes with the kit.

Although this treatment takes place at home, you still receive customised care. We start by taking an impression of your teeth, which the dental laboratory uses to create your bespoke whitening trays. Your home whitening kit includes these trays, a set of whitening gels, and detailed instructions.

Home Teeth Whitening Sidcup - Dental Elegance

Place the gel into the trays and wear them for the amount of time outlined by one of our dental professionals. In many cases, patients wear the whitening trays for approximately 35 minutes each day for two weeks — or until you are happy with the brightness of your teeth. During the treatment, teeth gradually lighten.

At-home whitening treatments are effective. These results last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, however, you can top up the treatment as needed to preserve your results. The customised trays last a long time with proper care, and you can acquire more whitening gels from our dental practice as needed.

In-Surgery Teeth Whitening Near Kent

In-surgery whitening takes place in our Sidcup dental practice, and offers immediate results. Your chairside whitening appointment lasts around two hours, and teeth are instantly lighter upon departure from the practice.

In-Surgery Teeth Whitening Sidcup - Dental Elegance

During your in-surgery whitening appointment, we photograph the shade of your teeth before treatment commences. To protect your gums and lips from the whitening agent during the procedure, we use a protective gel and some cotton wool rolls. We carefully apply the whitening gel onto your teeth, then use an LED light to activate the gel. After 15 minutes, we remove the whitening gel from your teeth, then repeat the process three more times.

We always make sure you are comfortable throughout your two-hour appointment. Once treatment concludes, we remove all the whitening gel and gum protection. We take final photos, then measure the results with a shade guide.

We recommend you follow up your in-surgery whitening treatment with home whitening treatment to extend your results. One of our exceptional team members will provide you with the home whitening kit, which offers results over a longer time scale. A combination of our two teeth whitening services provides the perfect solution to both immediate and long-term whitening needs.

Protect Vulnerable Teeth with White Fillings

Dental fillings are common treatments used to restore teeth that have been damaged by trauma or decay. Traditionally, unsightly silver amalgam fillings were the go-to solution for these issues, however, we prefer to use more aesthetically-pleasing white fillings. White fillings bond chemically to teeth, thus can be used to strengthen and protect teeth with thin and fragile cusps.

White fillings are tooth-coloured, making them blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. These fillings are usually made from a composite resin that is mixed with powdered glass quartz, silica, or other forms of ceramic. In recent years, white fillings have been developed extensively, and can now mimic natural tooth layers very closely.

White Fillings Sidcup - Dental Elegance

White Filling Treatment at Dental Elegance

Our team will prepare the treatment area and administer local anaesthesia, numbing the area for your comfort. We remove the decay, then thoroughly clean and dry the tooth. The dentist will etch the tooth structure and coat the area with a gel that helps the composite resin bond securely to the tooth.

Next, the white filling material is added in thin layers. Following each layer application, we use a curing light to harden composite resin. Once the last layer hardens, the dentist will check your bite, ensuring the resin does not interfere with the alignment. If any adjustments are required, we will make them, then finish off the treatment by shaping and polishing the filling.

Address Minor Imperfections with Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a cosmetic treatment that helps improve the shape, colour, and overall appearance of your teeth in as little as one appointment. We apply a white filling material to the edges or the front of your teeth to repair small chips, close gaps, alter the length or appearance of teeth, or enhance the brightness of your smile.

Our composite bonding in Kent is often done without tooth cutting or injections. We use a special tool to roughen the tooth’s surface and apply a conditioned liquid, allowing the bonding to adhere to the tooth. The dentist applies, molds, and shapes the filling material and hardens it in place with a special curing light.

Composite Bonding Kent

Beyond aesthetic improvements, there are some significant advantages of dental bonding:

Ask one of our friendly team members how composite bonding can benefit your smile.

Dental Elegance

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