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Emergency dentist in Sidcup open on Saturday for dental emergencies at Dental Elegance

While Dental Emergencies are inconvenient – and often painful – at Dental Elegance we value your health and smile, so when an emergency strikes, we're here to take care of your treatment.

Dental Emergencies include a tooth that has been knocked out, a loose tooth, a chipped or broken tooth, and a lost filling or crown.

In the case of when a tooth has been knocked out, it's important to reach the dentist’s surgery within 30 minutes, so we can save the tooth.

In situations like this, our team of professionals is ready to minimise the pain and discomfort, using their knowledge matched with advanced technologies. From Cosmetic to Restorative Dentistry, we take pride in offering long-lasting treatments, and beautiful restorations.

With convenient hours, including Saturday surgery, we provide patients with the care they require even during those urgent moments.

To discover what to do in the case of a dental emergency or to book a Saturday appointment with our Emergency Dentist, contact us on 020 8850 8820.

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