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This straight, white smile was achieved in just 10 weeks using upper and lower Inman Aligners, followed by bleaching and edge bonding. No veneers, just his own teeth!

This beautiful result was achieved by firstly straightening the teeth with upper ClearSmile Aligners and a lower Inman Aligner. After doing this, 2 veneers and bonding was carried out to really transform this smile.

As you can see from the picture, this lady was thrilled with the result we were able to achieve using an Inman Aligner to straighten the teeth, followed by whitening and bonding.

An upper Inman Aligner was used to get the teeth into a nice position before finally whitening and bonding the teeth.

This was achieved in just 10 weeks using an Inman Aligner, bleaching and bonding! No teeth drilling necessary!

This underbite was transformed in just 15 weeks!

This smile was transformed with an Inman Aligner, bleaching and bonding. A crown and bridge was also changed to more natural looking restorations.

These crooked teeth were transformed using an Inman Aligner, followed by whitening and bonding the teeth.

This patient was concerned about his very crooked front teeth. Treatments like this often take years of unpleasant fixed braces to achieve. Using two expanders then two Inman Aligners he achieved this result in only a few months. with some simultaneous whitening and edge bonding to improve his outline this finished his smile makeover with no invasion or tooth removal whatsoever.

This lady had a lower Inman aligner to straighten her lowers over 8 weeks. She then followed with an upper Inman Aligner to bring her uppers back over 10 weeks.

This patient wore an Inman Aligner and expander for only 14 weeks before having her teeth veneered.
Without aligning the teeth first the shape could never have been correct.
This type of pioneering treatment is what has set the Inman Aligner apart from traditional cosmetic techniques

Tracy was worried about the wear and erosion of her crowded front teeth. Normally cases like this are often treated with porcelain veneers. These can give great results, but when the teeth are even slightly crooked, often large amounts of tooth have to be prepared to get the teeth into the right position. Instead she decided to align her teeth with an Inman Aligner first.
The teeth straightened over 10 weeks. It was clear how much better they looked and instead of veneers, her teeth were whitened and the edges built up with direct bonding with no preparation at all.

This patient hated her lower front teeth. Fixed braces and clear braces would take at least 9 -18 months at a much higher cost.
Instead she opted for the Inman Aligner which was just one simple device that she could take in and out to eat easily. She only needed to wear it 20 hours a day.
In only 9 weeks her teeth were straight. She needed to wear a clear retainer full time for a month afterwards after which a fixed retainer was bonded to the back of her teeth.
She whitened her teeth and got the result she wanted with less cost and minimal hassle.

This case took 7 weeks to straighten the lower front teeth with an Inman aligner. Bleaching and bonding were then carried out to create this straight, white smile.

This young lady didnt like her two prominent front teeth. They made her smile look uneven. Using one Inman Aligner in less than 10 weeks, her front teeth were easily aligned with no extractions needed. She then had the chipped edges of her teeth repaired to improve the outline. There was no tooth removal needed at all. Composite bonding was used to achieve beauty with the ultimate in ethical cosmetic dentistry.

"I had thought about having my bottom front teeth straightened for quite a while. I researched on the internet and found The Inman Aligner, I luckily also discovered Dental Elegance at the same time. I live in Kent so thought it was great finding somewhere in North Kent that I could access. I went up for a consultation and was delighted by their professionalism and friendlness. Also I could pay for the aligner interest free over ten months, which was really good. I met with Tif Qureshi who is an extremely caring and knowledgable dentist who explained everything thoroughly. The Aligner was brilliant, my teeth straightened within 6 weeks and it was so easy to wear. I lecture and also teach aerobics, so the fact I could remove the aligner if required was wonderful, but still obtaining fast benefits from it. I have recommended it to quite a few of my friends and they are now also enjoying the benefits from The Inman Aligner and would highly recommend the team at Dental Elegance to anyone. Many thanks again to all of you."

Alignment bleaching bonding in 12 weeks. This patient once considered veneers. In her case it would have meant cutting her teeth back. Instead she had an Inman Aligner to pull back her protrusive front teeth, simultaneous whitening and edge bonding with Venus Diamond composite all completed within 12 weeks only - Absolutely NO tooth was removed and no injections needed. ABB is the latest thing in cosmetic dentistry and Dental Elegance is the pioneer practice for this treatment.

This young lady was getting married in six months time and was unhappy with the crowding of her front teeth and the colour of her teeth. An Inman aligner was used to straighten her front teeth in about 12 weeks. After that some home tooth whitening and simple edge bonding was carried out. She was thrilled!

What our clients have said...

“I underwent treatment over a few months with the Inman Aligner and I am really chuffed with the results. All my friends and family have been commenting on how straight and white my teeth are! I am really grateful to all the team at Dental Elegance, particularly Dr Tif Qureshi”


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