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This patient unfortunately lost her 2 upper central incisors in an accident. 2 dental implants were placed and temporary crowns provided for soft tissue contouring. After allowing for a period of healing we successfully restored both teeth with white zirconia abutments and beautiful All Ceramic crowns. Overall treatment time 7 months. Treatment by Dan Patel

This gentleman could not tolerate dentures and wanted a fixed prosthesis. The new All on 4 concept we provide allows us to place just 4 implants in the arch and avoid drastic surgery in the form of sinus lifts and bone grafts.
He had temporary bridges attached to the implants on the day of placement so he could eat straightaway. The temporary bridges were then later replaced by these highly aesthetic ceramic bridges on a precision fitted framework.

This patient presented with multiple missing teeth and wanted fixed restorations. He had 3 implants strategically placed so that a 3 unit bridge could be placed on one side and a single implant supported crown on the other

This patient presented with a completely broken down unsightly dentition. His main wish was to be able to eat properly. After removing all his destroyed teeth we placed 4 implants in the upper jaw and 2 in the lower. A period of healing was allowed for the implants to integrate and then upper and lower overdentures that are fixed onto Locator abutments on the implants were made. He now has comfortable teeth that do not move and have improved his smile. He reports enjoying all types of food including his favourite steak.

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