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Dorothy presented with photos of herself at her wedding 20 years ago. Over that time her teeth had worn down dramatically.

This hid her smile, and made her teeth look old. She wanted her smile back. Using beautiful, strong Authentic Veneers made by A.F.Knight ceramics, we restored her teeth in two visits.

Using a combination of beautiful porcelain veneers and all-porclain crowns, this lady had her smile transformed in two main visits over 3 weeks. All large cases receive a professional photo shoot (performed by our technician) at no extra charge.

This lady needed her old veneers replaced. Using beautiful Authentic Porcelain, we replaced them, making her smile more attractive but still holding on its character

This case was done using a combination of porcelain and composite veneers for an instant result. A computer simulation was completed first using our software imaging system. This is then translated to a 3-D model called a wax-up. This is basically a mock set-up of the final result. Once we are satisified that the case is viable, it is completed in two visits, but the gap is closed on the first appointment.

This lady was not happy with the appearance of her lower teeth.

Two E-max crowns and two composite veneers were carried out to achieve this beautiful, natural look.

Using beautiful porcelain veneers , this gentleman had his smile transformed in two main visits over 3 weeks. All large cases receive a professional photo shoot (performed by our technician) at no extra charge.

This patient attended our dental practice requesting an improvement in her smile. She was very self conscious of the gaps and uneven lengths of her teeth but did not want extensive preparation crowns or orthodontic treatment since the teeth were healthy. After a course of tooth whitening we provided her 4 minimal preparation veneers to produce a beautiful natural smile that involved minimal damage to her teeth and subsequent confidence in eating and smiling.

This young lady from Sevenoaks came to us with several concerns. Firstly she felt her front two teeth were too long and also she did not like the white marks (fluorosis) on her front teeth. Her two central incisors had been restored in the past but the material had stained and the teeth were now darker. We discussed a few treatment options and decided we would restore the two central incisors with porcelain laminate veneers and the lateral incisors and canines with direct composite resin. The patient whitened her teeth with a home tooth whitening system first. She was very happy with the result and said now she can't stop smiling. Quite a change for someone who hated smiling in photographs!

This lady came to our practice with concerns about the appearance of her upper front teeth..

She actually had gaps between the four front teeth but the gaps had been closed in the past by adding a filling material over the surface and in between the teeth. She had been happy with this for a while but now the material had started to stain and chip away. She had also worn the the teeth down by grinding her teeth.

We started by making models of her teeth and then a 3D simulation of the planned new tooth shapes, called a diagnostic wax-up, was made and tried in over her existing teeth so that she could see what we could do. The great thing about this technique is that there are no surprises. The end result is exactly the same as the preview that the patient sees at this stage. She really liked the result.

The next step was to whiten her teeth with a home tooth whitening kit.

Finally the old filling material was removed, the teeth were minimally prepared and four porcelain veneers were made to replace the existing material and close the gaps between the teeth.

She had waited a long time to get the result she wanted and she was very happy with the final result.

This lady presented with a mixture of old worn veneers and a missing tooth on the upper left side.

Her implant crown was poor and had a large space around it where the soft tissues had pulled away.

By replacing the veneers and using temporary crowns to develop the soft tissue around the implant a far more natural and beautiful result was achieved over only a few weeks

Using 2 ceramic crowns to replace the old crowns, and 2 thin veneers., this lady had her smile transformed.

She didnt like the fact that her old crowns didn't match and had dark lines along the gum line. Tooth whitening was also used on the other teeth.

This lady was concerned about her badly stained front teeth because of the old fillings within. A course of whitening was used to whiten the other teeth then wafer thin veneers were placed to whiten and straighten the upper four.

Old crowns can really ruin the look of your teeth. This gentleman had a nice smile but his two upper front teeth had black lines around their necks and the colour just did not match.
Tif Qureshi replaced these with two all ceramic crowns and a much more beautiful blend between the teeth and gums were achieved.

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