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This gentleman suffered from a reverse bite effect where his lower teeth bit outside his uppers. Using computer imaging and 3D modelling we were able to check the suitability of treatment before it was undertaken. His smile was transformed in two visits and the bite was corrected as a result using new all ceramic bridgework.

Claire presented to us wanting a cosmetic solution to her unsightly front teeth bridge. The bridge was completely out of proportion and had lots of tooth decay in the supporting roots. After our hygienist treated the gum disease and with some home tooth whitening Claires dentition was stabilised. We removed the existing bridge and provided a stronger, functional more aesthetic replacement spanning 6 upper teeth. She now is much more confident in smiling, talking and eating. Ready for lots of wedding photos in the near future!

This patient had congenitally missing teeth for which she was wearing an uncomfortable, loose denture that she really did not like. After extensive consultation and planning Mr Dan Patel provided her two fixed fixed all ceramic bridges on minimally prepared abutments that restore her smile midline and symmetry. She can now eat, talk and smile with confidence.

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