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Chris is an amazing dentist! He explained clearly what I needed to have done to achieve the smile I wanted and after straightening, whitening and four veneers, I have the teeth I've always wanted!!! Everyone at Dental Elegance is friendly and helpful and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them! I won't be using any other dentist again. (from our Dental Elegance Facebook page)



I was told by my dentist that the crookedness of my teeth was beginning to cause erosion, so I was relieved to discover that I could stop the damage by straightening them. The Inman Aligner was the best choice to quickly accomplish the task and after just a few months, my braces were off and now my teeth are much healthier and look great!



I was told by another dentist that I needed 4 teeth out and a metal brace fixed on to my teeth for 2 years. Instead I had an Inman Aligner that I only had to wear 18 hours a day. I didn't need any teeth out and they were straight in only 6 weeks. It was so easy and it barely hurt a bit

Haroon Latif


The Smile lift has restored the natural proportion of my face and made me look years younger. It is like a face-lift without the surgery, I can't stop smiling, thank you.



When people say I have great teeth, I have to tell them the truth



I underwent treatment over a few months with the Inman Aligner and I am really chuffed with the results. All my friends and family have been commenting on how straight and white my teeth are! I am really grateful to all the team at Dental Elegance, particularly Dr Tif Quereshi.

Louise Quinn


Dear Chris,

I would like to say my experience with you as my dentist has been a very positive one.

You took time to explain to me exactly what you were doing and why. The procedures never felt rushed and I felt completely at ease.

I would say to anyone considering treatment with you to go ahead and they will not be disappointed. In actual fact, you have given me my confidence back, for which I thank you.

My treatment was excellent and I received many positive comments. It’s great to smile and be proud of my teeth.

You only have one set of teeth and I believe any money and time spent is a good investment, even though my mum paid for them. I know she agrees as she has used the services of Dental Elegance.

Thank you for your patients, kindness and understanding ways towards a very anxious dental patient.


Amy Ashton


Dear Chris,

I would like to thank you for the fantastic service I received from you regarding the implant and bonding. I have to say I was very nervous about everything, but you explained (very patiently, I might add) everything that was going to happen to me. I would recommend anyone to “go for it” and get the best treatment you recommend, I can honestly say that it has had a very positive effect on my life and I feel more confident and outgoing, and do not mumble behind my hand. The amount of time my treatment took was quite reasonable and though the cost wasn’t cheap it was money very well spent. Again, thank you.

Kind regards,



I have had a number of treatments at Dental Elegance in the last couple of years and I have been extremely pleased with all the work done! Customer care by Dr Chris and all the staff was excellent, I felt reassured at all times and my comfort was considered a priority.

I am for the first time pleased with how my teeth look and I am much more confident in my smile! I have never regretted the time and money put into my treatment and would fully recommend Dr Chris and all at Dental Elegance. I will most definitely for any further treatment I may want in the future!


When I first visited Dental Elegance I was unhappy with the appearance of my teeth. My tooth had a poorly fitted crown which did not match the size, shape or colour of my natural front tooth and my front incisor had discoloured and become grey as a result of having root canal treatment years ago. I was self-conscious about people seeing my teeth when talking and smiling, but after living with them as they were for so long, I decided I needed to see what I could do.

After my first appointment I felt confident about what could be achieved. Chris Ibbott made me feel positive about solving the problems I had with my teeth and assured me that he would be able to change the appearance of my front tooth by fitting a new crown, and change the colour of my front incisor by whitening the tooth from the inside. Several appointments and months later I couldn’t be happier with the appearance of my front teeth. I now have a crown which looks so much like my natural front tooth that I don’t notice it anymore, and a white smile I can be proud of with no discoloured teeth!

During my treatment, Chris Ibbott always made me feel at ease by talking me through each stage of the process, what it would involve and how long it would take. This helped me to overcome any fears I had and made me feel confident that I was in the best capable hands, with professionals who were highly skilled and trained, and knew what they were doing. The level of professionalism, care and attention to detail throughout my treatment was second to none and I knew it was going to be a success. I was able to put my complete trust into Chris Ibbott and Dental Elegance and I am delighted with the results they achieved. I am no longer self-conscious about showing my teeth when talking or smiling.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Ibbott and all at Dental Elegance who have given me my smile back and helped me to feel confident in myself again.


Tracey Reynolds

Hello Chris,

My experience with you as my dentist has been a very positive one. Always professional and friendly. Thank you for listening to my thoughts and worries, and always explaining exactly what you were doing and why.

If you are unhappy with your teeth, I would definitely recommend booking an appointment with Chris. He always gives the best advice and listens to your needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

I have definitely become more confident in my everyday life. I smile much more than before, which I thank you for.

I definitely believe this was a good investment. It has boosted my confidence and self image.

Again, I want to thank you for a great service!

Kind Regards,

Astrid Sulebakk


At the age of 11 I fell on a marble floor and smashed my two front teeth in half. The result of this fall was two composites and extremely crooked and prominent front teeth. Over time my bottom teeth became as crooked as their upper counterparts (due to the fact that the upper teeth were sticking out at odd angles, giving the lower teeth nothing to hinder their haphazard growth upwards). I really hated my teeth and developed the usual tricks of people unhappy with their smile – putting my hand over my mouth when laughing, doing the ‘closed lips’ smile in photographs. And I also morbidly watched toothpaste ads filled with people with happy, perfect, straight, white smiles. My childhood dentist told me train tracks were an option but as a teenager I was already too self-conscious to willingly agree to a mouthful of metal. Instead, my crooked teeth led to bouts of gum disease followed by periodontal deep cleaning sessions.

Eventually when I reached 30 I decided action had to be taken. I visited an orthodontist who told me he could correct my teeth but it would take up to 3 years of wearing train tracks and would probably involve the extraction of four teeth. The thoughts of 3 years of metal permanently in my mouth combined with the extraction of healthy teeth made me very reluctant to commit to it.

So whilst in this phase of dithering about what to do, I picked up Grazia – to ogle some more toothpaste ads - one Friday afternoon only to be stopped in my tracks at a piece in their health section. They were talking about a new treatment for crooked teeth – particularly crooked front teeth – called the Inman Aligner available in a dental clinic called Dental Elegance in Kent. The piece mentioned that results could be achieved in as little as six to eight weeks and that the aligner could be removed for eating. “ About four seconds later, I was at my computer emailing Dental Elegance to find out if this was true. After some initial to-ing and fro-ing (involving me trying to take photos of my own teeth via digital camera creating truly hideous personal photos), I made an appointment with Dr Qureshi and travelled to Kent in January 2007.

After this consultation Dr Qureshi agreed to take on my case. I would say my case was probably at the more extreme end of crookedness (as my case photos will demonstrate) and despite his assurances that my teeth could be corrected and it wouldn’t take more than a few months, I found it hard to believe.

However, I trotted off home in March with my first aligner fitted. It was on my front teeth and I’d say it took me all of a day and a half to get accustomed to it. It had a plastic bar at the front and it clipped to my molars at the back. As my arch was very narrow, I also had a palate. I felt initially that my speech was affected by it but after pestering everyone around me, I had to admit that nobody else seemed to hear it when I talked. Plus, if I had any public speaking to do, I simply removed the aligner. There was absolutely no discomfort involved. I don’t remember feeling even a twinge of pain. I could take it out to eat and on ‘big nights out’ but overall I tried to stick to the 20-hours a day – when you have crooked teeth and you finally take action, it’s amazing how much of a hurry you’re in to see results.

Within 3 weeks I could see my front teeth starting to align. It was incredible to see what a difference it made to my mouth. It really helped to see such fast results as it made me all the more committed to wearing the aligner as much as possible. Within 3 months my front teeth seemed perfectly aligned to me but I wore it in total for four months. I visited Dr Qureshi once a month (roughly) to have the aligner adjusted and to have some contact work done in order to allow my front teeth space in which to straighten.

During my initial consultation in January 2007 I told Dr Qureshi that I wasn’t really bothered about getting my lower teeth done (on the rather shallow basis that you couldn’t really see them). But after seeing the results of the upper teeth and realising how much easier it was to keep them clean, I decided to get the lower ones done also.

Again this took 4 months and the results were fantastic. The lower one is even easier to wear than the upper aligner as it does not have a palate and it’s less noticeable.

So within 8 months I went from crooked teeth prone to bouts of gum disease due to the difficulty in cleaning them properly to perfectly straight healthy teeth which I am only too happy to show off in any photo. I can’t recommend the aligner enough. The confidence my new smile has given me can’t be underestimated. The aligner had minimal impact on my life, it caused me no discomfort and it achieved its results in an incredibly short space of time. For anyone who feels train tracks are too much to handle or who doesn’t want to have healthy teeth removed to create space in their mouth, the Inman Aligner is the way forward. I just wish it had been around when I was 11 years old!”

Treasa O Mahony


I had thought about having my bottom front teeth straightened for quite a while. I researched on the internet and found The Inman Aligner, I luckily also discovered Dental Elegance at the same time. I live in Kent so thought it was great finding somewhere in North Kent that I could access. I went up for a consultation and was delighted by their professionalism and friendlness. Also I could pay for the aligner interest free over ten months, which was really good. I met with Tif Qureshi who is an extremely caring and knowledgable dentist who explained everything thoroughly. The Aligner was brilliant, my teeth straightened within 6 weeks and it was so easy to wear. I lecture and also teach aerobics, so the fact I could remove the aligner if required was wonderful, but still obtaining fast benefits from it. I have recommended it to quite a few of my friends and they are now also enjoying the benefits from The Inman Aligner and would highly recommend the team at Dental Elegance to anyone. Many thanks again to all of you.

Lisa Robinson

A very big thank you to Dental Elegance for a first rate experience and excellent results. From beginning to end I have always felt confident that I had made the right choice and by taking time to understand my particular concerns and discussing the best way forward this all helped to engender feelings of trust. A confident and informative approach reassured me all through my treatment which removed any anxieties I initially felt. A pleasant all-round experience from a warm and friendly practise in addition to superb value for money. One very happy customer. Thank You.

Frank Steel

I had been considering a brace for my teeth for many years, as I was very self conscious of my twisted front teeth, but had never taken the plunge due to the cost and the timescale involved in wearing traditional braces. I didn’t want to have to wear a brace for several months or even years, as some of my friends had. Then I saw an article in the Daily Mail, which talked about the Inman Aligner. It sounded too good to be true but Helen at Dental Elegance explained how Aligner works and I attended a consultation with Tif to see whether the Aligner would be suitable for my teeth.

I started to see the difference almost immediately and only had to wear the aligner for 12 weeks in total. It took a few days to get used to wearing it, but after a week I couldn’t even feel it. I also did a whitening treatment as my teeth were quite stained from years of drinking coffee. The difference is amazing. My teeth are lovely and straight now and look so much healthier. The best thing is that I can now smile and laugh without feeling self conscious about having unattractive teeth.

Many of my friends have complimented my “new teeth” and I have even referred a friend who is now half way through her Aligner treatment. I am extremely pleased with the result.

Fycsene Shields

Just a few lines to say how very pleased I am with the dental treatment I have received from Dental Elegance – Sidcup.

After years of very low esteem and a great lack of confidence I decided to investigate my options. I knew that my teeth needed to be straightened but I dreaded wearing braces for a very long time. However I discovered that Dental Elegance had the solution, which was the Inman Aligner – the great thing about this is the speed in which it works. Within weeks of wearing it I noticed my teeth were already moving into a nicer position – it was totally fascinating and ever so exciting. After a couple of months the process was complete and I was overjoyed! I then opted to have veneers to really finish them off nicely – they looked wonderful – I felt that now I could smile and speak confidently and it has truly made an amazing difference to my life in all aspects – my work, my socialising and my home life. I have become far happier.

I was thrilled with the fact that due to having the Inman Aligner first, prior to having veneers it resulted in far less preparation to my teeth – they were not reduced to stumps in order for the veneers to be attached, which pleased me immensely.

Atif has been extremely sensitive, has been very informative, patient and kind during the whole process, I would highly recommend him to anyone! The dental nurses have been absolutely lovely too – they have always made me feel very comfortable not at all intimidating. It has been a pleasure having my teeth vastly improved – totally transformed actually! I was even able to sit back and relax whilst having my veneers done and watch a great film!

Any regrets NONE! ONLY ONE! I wish I had this done years ago. My advice to anyone in the same position as I was, is to go for it you will not regret it.

A great big thanks to all at Dental Elegance.

Many thanks

P. King

In June 2006, after years of being extremely unhappy and embarrassed at the state of my teeth I decided to seek cosmetic help in the attempt to get the smile I had always dreamed of. I had intended to just have veneers put on, however the severity of my teeth meant that my dentist suggested I have an aligner brace put on first to improve the alignment of my teeth in order to make veneers possible and for a better outcome.

So in July 2006, although hesitant about having a brace, being I was 21 years old, I had my brace fitted. I had been very nervous about the perception of having a brace and how it would look when I talked and smiled, however I was extremely pleased that the brace was hardly visible and when I got used to talking with it, I was relieved that most people including family and friends didn’t even notice I had a brace. I had to tighten it every few days using a key, and found this very easy to do, with the level of pain very bearable.

I then had another brace fitted about 2-3 months later, with a visible improvement in my teeth already clear. This Aligner was more visible and although painful for the first week it was incredibly successful and even personally I was seeing an improvement in the alignment of my teeth literally in three weeks.

Within a month my teeth had improved so much I was able to have the veneers fitted with a lot less preparation to my teeth required. The results of my veneers, of which I had 8 fitted, were incredible and my smile and teeth were totally transformed. I was ecstatic with my new smile, which to me was perfect, and the effects it had on my confidence in general was significant.

To keep my teeth aligned I now wear an aligner at night, which is totally see-through and only noticeable to me. I find this very easy to do and think of it as a small price to pay to keep my teeth as they are.

Before the dentist explained to me what the process of these new aligners would involve I would of never agreed to having a brace due to my perception that having a brace meant wearing it for at least a year and them being aesthetically very unpleasant along with a painful experience. However the reality of the braces were that they were barely visible to the eye and were only painful briefly when tightened. The biggest advantage I found was the incredible short amount of time they need to make a visible improvement to the alignment of teeth, with myself only having to wear them for less than five months. This then enabled me to have my perfect veneers fitted, of which two years on I am still very happy with.

K. H.

I am writing to express my delight at the results of treatment at Dental Elegance to align my teeth.

Prior to choosing Dental Elegance I had visited an orthodontist and was advised that in order to have orthodontic treatment to align my teeth it would be necessary to have a tooth removed from the bottom front and I felt it a shame to remove a healthy tooth and therefore looked for an alternative.

I am thrilled with the results and would certainly highly recommend Dental Elegance to others for cosmetic dental treatment.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. D. B.

The whole process of having my teeth aligned was something I expected to take 2 year and cost me thousands of pounds. However, a friend of mine recommended the Inman Aligner, and Dental Elegance

I went to a consultation where it was decided that my teeth could be treated by using the Inman Aligner. At the consultation a mold of my teeth was taken to create my Inman Aligner appliance and I was asked to come back just 4 weeks later when my treatment would begin. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I could begin getting treatment.

The treatment phase lasted 12 weeks and required appointments every 3 weeks, lasting up to 20 minutes each. The whole experience was so simple and effective. I couldn't believe how much my teeth improved over just 12 weeks, and how pain free and stress free the whole experience was. The cost was far less than I had imagined for my treatment. I now have the smile I have wanted to have, and the treatment was a really pleasant experience.


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