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Gum disease is the largest factor of tooth loss in adult life.

Hygienists are specialists in Preventative Dentistry and work closely with the dentists. We treat both adults and children. There are many reasons why you may be referred to us, but if you are experiencing symptoms like bleeding, swollen gums, bad breath/taste, loose or stained teeth, then our dentists will recommend that you see us for an initial consultation.

This first session will involve the hygienist taking records, and possibly X-rays of your mouth, to establish what course of treatment to take.

Also during this session, you will be shown how best to look after your mouth. This will include brushing and cleaning between your teeth, diet/nutrition advice, smoking cessation advice, and anything that you have in your medical history that may make you vulnerable to gum disease, e.g. Diabetes.

Whatever the course of treatment our hygienists recommend, don’t forget that we pride ourselves on a pain-free, relaxing and happy environment (which can also include the latest needle free anaesthetic).

After your treatment is complete, not only will you see and feel a difference in your smile, you will gain inner confidence knowing that you have a clean and healthy mouth.

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