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Orthodontics | Braces

Orthodontics refers to the process of moving teeth into a better position and is ideal if you have crowded teeth or gaps in between teeth. There is no real age limit for orthodontics so in most cases as long as your teeth and gums are healthy they can be straightened.

At Dental Elegance we offer a wide range of modern orthodontic treatments to move the teeth - resulting in quicker and more comfortable treatment times.

Cosmetic orthodontics is solely concerned with the appearance of your front teeth. This can result in much quicker treatment times but might not be suitable for everyone.

Comprehensive orthodontics is all about giving you a smile and a bite that is as close to 'ideal' as possible. Although it normally takes a little longer, the cosmetic results may be superior to those of cosmetic orthodontics. It allows us to improve the function of your jaw and bite. In addition this may lead to a more stable long term outcome.

There are a large number of removable options but these only work if they are worn for the prescribed amount of time so you have to be quite disciplined. If you think this might not suit you then fixed braces may be a better solution for you and a number of different types are available as detailed on the relevant pages.

Please see the following pages where you will find some information about the types and style of braces which we offer patients at Dental Elegance. If you are interested in having your teeth straightened but are unsure about what might be the best option for you, please contact us to arrange a no charge consultation with one of our dentists who will help you to make the right choice.

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