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Worn Thin Chipped Front Teeth

If you have worn, chipped,  rough or sensitive front teeth then you may be suffering from tooth wear.  Tooth wear can be a sign of grinding, clenching or even acid erosion of the teeth.  In the first picture below you can see that this patient has worn through the enamel (the first whiter layer) of his front lower teeth and this  has led to dentine (the second yellow layer)  exposure. The dentine exposure was making his teeth sensitive to cold air and liquids.  As dentine is softer it will wear down quicker  and this can lead to the teeth becoming shorter and more worn.  Unfortunately as the enamel and dentine are lost they are lost forever.


The good news is that through simple minimally invasive dental techniques we can rebuild the teeth to strengthen and rebuild the teeth to protect the precious natural tooth structure from further breakdown.  In the second picture below we have rebuilt the teeth using tooth coloured filling material.


The length of the tooth has now been restored to the ideal level and the filling material is now acting as a protective ‘cushion’.  The treatment required no local anaesthetic  and is cost effective.  This patient also had an immediate relief from the sensitivity he was experiencing prior to treatment. If you would like to see if the dental elegance team can help you then give us a call on 020 8850 8820.

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