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Quick Low Cost Treatment for a Discoloured Filling

This lady came in to us unhappy with the colour of her teeth and she did not like the filling in her upper right central front tooth.  She thought that she may need a veneer on this tooth to make it look better.  Treatment options were discussed with the patient and she was advised that the best course of treatment would be to lighten her teeth using Zoom whitening followed by a simple replacement of the discoloured filling with another white filling.  This would keep costs down and would be less invasive than a veneer.

Before treatment


Immediately after Zoom insurgery whitening


After Filling in upper right central tooth is replaced


The patient had in-surgery whitening and topped this up with some home whitening for 2 weeks.  We then replaced the filling in her upper right central tooth.  The patient was so happy with the results that she then went on to have further treatment to correct the crowding in her lower front teeth!!

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