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Do you have difficulty chewing? Do your dentures hurt? We provide you with fixed cosmetic dentures that do not move. Call us now at Dental Elegance 0208 8508820 to arrange a free consultation.  

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Simple ways to restore dental gaps

At Dental Elegance we offer many ways to close gaps and spaces in your smile from implants, dentures, minimal preparation sticky bridges, orthodontics, bonded composite teeth build ups to crowns and bridges. We have 20+ years experience in providing the … Continue reading

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Best Anti Snoring appliances

At Dental Elegance we are now supplying the best Anti Snoring devices ever designed. The Somnowell mandibular advancement device is a very comfortable, adjustable custom made appliance to suit all people suffering from snoring and sleep apnoea. Dan Patel has … Continue reading

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White spot removal

This lady came to see Richard with some white spots on her front teeth that she did not like. She had previously tried home tooth whitening but this only had some limited success. She wanted the white sots removed but … Continue reading

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Closing gaps between front teeth/ photos of dental composite bonding

Mark came to see us unhappy with his upper front teeth, particularly the small gaps between them. He had had some orthodontic treatment but was still not happy with the way that his teeth looked despite the fact that they … Continue reading

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Teeth straightening without fixed braces. 22 week smile makeover by Chris Ibbott.

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Smile makeover with tooth straightening, whitening and bonding. Case by Chris Ibbott.

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Stain Removal – by Louise

This young lady from Sidcup came in concerned about the tea and coffee stains on her front teeth. We used a Cavitron ultrasonic scaler and a prophy polish to remove the stains. Below are the before and after pictures. At … Continue reading

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Photos of porcelain veneers-Case by Chris Ibbott

This lady came to our practice with concerns about the appearance of her upper front teeth.. She actually had gaps between the four front teeth but the gaps had been closed in the past by adding a filling material over … Continue reading

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Chris Ibbott Clinical Dental Portfolio

Hi, You can now download Chris Ibbott Clinical Dental Portfolio, my portfolio of example dental treatments , direct from the front page of the website. This shows a great many before and after photographs including: -photos of composite bonding -photos … Continue reading

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