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A gentle smile makeover- Photos of Teeth straightening and dental bonding

Mrs M came to see us primarily because she was unhappy with her crooked lower front teeth and they were uncomfortable. She also had alot of wear on her teeth from tooth grinding.

We had a chat about a few different options and decided to straighten the upper and lower teeth with fixed braces. We use a discrete clear tooth bracket system for the lower teeth and an invisible or lingual brace for the upper teeth.

After the teeth were straight Mrs M did some home tooth whitening.

The final piece of the puzzle was some dental bonding on the upper and lower front teeth to restore where they had worn away. No teeth were adjusted or prepared for veneers or crowns in this process.

This really transformed Mrs M’s smile and she has since been told by a friend that they are the most natural looking she has ever seen!

Treatment carried out by Dr Chris Hugh Ibbott

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