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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Disaster averted!

This lady was very distressed when she came to see us with a chipped front tooth. Her front tooth had just been badly fractured in an accident and she was understandably very concerned about her appearance. The tooth had been … Continue reading

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Don’t put it off!

This lady knew that she needed some fillings but had been busy with life work, etc and didn’t get around to having the treatment (despite our advice!) for a year or so. She was rather horrified when we showed her … Continue reading

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Simple solution for a missing tooth

Are you looking to replace a missing tooth or get rid of an uncomfortable denture? Perhaps you have looked into a dental implant but decided its not for you? A relatively low cost alternative was provided for this lady. She … Continue reading

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ABB- grinning from ear to ear!

From lacking in confidence to grinning from ear to ear in less than four months! This gentleman was very unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth, particularly the one that was stuck right back behind the rest of his … Continue reading

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New year, new you, new smile!

So Christmas is done and a new year has begun and with it another opportunity to reassess and go forward positively. Many of us will be starting some kind of health or exercise kick to shake off the festive excesses. … Continue reading

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An amazing natural smile in far less than 6 months.

The Inman Aligner is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get a great smile. Using a fully removable brace that only needs to be worn 16-20 hours a day you can get the smile you always wanted in … Continue reading

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