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Do you have difficulty chewing?

Do your dentures hurt?

We provide you with fixed cosmetic dentures that do not move.

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Simple ways to restore dental gaps

At Dental Elegance we offer many ways to close gaps and spaces in your smile from implants, dentures, minimal preparation sticky bridges, orthodontics, bonded composite teeth build ups to crowns and bridges. We have 20+ years experience in providing the best quality skilled dental work. Contact us for  consultation and advice. Tel 02088508820


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Best Anti Snoring appliances

At Dental Elegance we are now supplying the best Anti Snoring devices ever designed. The Somnowell mandibular advancement device is a very comfortable, adjustable custom made appliance to suit all people suffering from snoring and sleep apnoea. Dan Patel has undergone training in diagnosis and treatment of snoring and sleep disorders. We have provided the Somnowell appliance to patients suffering from snoring in particular and found it be very beneficial in providing a good nights rest and sleep along with gratitude from sleep partners.

Contact us at Dental Elegance for more information and possible treatment if you suffer from snoring or sleep apnoea.

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Teeth straightening, tooth whitening and a new crown! Photos of orthodontic treatment- Case by Dr Chris Ibbott

Claire came to see us because she was very unhappy with her crooked upper and lower front teeth. She had previously had fixed braces but did not have adequate retainers so the teeth had moved.

We discussed using a clear ceramic discrete fixed brace to correct the crowded teeth and Claire was happy with this solution.

The treatment took about 12 months to complete.

Following this Claire did some home tooth whitening and finally we replaced the old crown on the upper right front tooth with a beautiful all ceramic crown.

Claire was extremely happy with the final result and so were we!

Case by Dr Chris Ibbott

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Dental Implant supported crowns

This young lady lost both her upper central incisors in an accident. She had 2 implants placed with some soft tissue grafting to eventually allow us to provide All Ceramic Crowns that closely resemble the original teeth. IMG_8561 IMG_2502 IMG_2496 IMG_2468 Dental Elegance has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing Dental Implant care for any simple or complex problem. We aim to provide the highest standard of care using the best of modern day techniques and materials.

This case was treated by Dan Patel and Harpal Chana.

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A gentle smile makeover- Photos of Teeth straightening and dental bonding

Mrs M came to see us primarily because she was unhappy with her crooked lower front teeth and they were uncomfortable. She also had alot of wear on her teeth from tooth grinding.

We had a chat about a few different options and decided to straighten the upper and lower teeth with fixed braces. We use a discrete clear tooth bracket system for the lower teeth and an invisible or lingual brace for the upper teeth.

After the teeth were straight Mrs M did some home tooth whitening.

The final piece of the puzzle was some dental bonding on the upper and lower front teeth to restore where they had worn away. No teeth were adjusted or prepared for veneers or crowns in this process.

This really transformed Mrs M’s smile and she has since been told by a friend that they are the most natural looking she has ever seen!

Treatment carried out by Dr Chris Hugh Ibbott

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A fantastic weekend at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference

This week was the annual BACD conference. This is always a fantastic opportunity to listen to some of the worlds finest dentists and to catch up with inspirational colleagues  as well as making new friends.

This years headliner speaker was Galip Gurel, without doubt one of the finest cosmetic dentists in the world (pictured with Chris Ibbott). Again, truly inspiring.

Our own Dr Tif Qureshi gave a fantastic lecture on Progressive Smile Design and Dr Chris Ibbott delivered a presentaion on how he helps to educate patients about problems with their bites and jaw joints.

Looking forward to the 2014 conference!



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Straight teeth discounts!-20% off Inman Aligner and Clear Ceramic Fixed Braces

Straight teeth, Sidcup, Kent!

We are very happy to be be able to offer a promotional discount for the hugely popular and super fast Inman Aligner as well as a special price for ceramic fixed braces until the end of November. Come in and see us for a complimentary consultation so that we can have a chat and discuss your concerns and desires.

Dr Chris Ibbott will take photographs of your teeth and discuss different treatment options with you before giving you a quotation to take away. We look forward to seeing you and taking the first steps towards the smile you always wanted!

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Dental Implants

At Dental Elegance we have been providing a comprehensive dental implant service for over 13 years ranging from single implant crowns to implant bridges, overdentures and All on 4 one day full arch replacement teeth. Mr Harpal Chana is a consultant in restorative dentistry with widespread experience in implant placement and oral surgery. We can devise treatment plans for any complex implant restorative cases with confidence and provide treatment from implant placement to final restoration using high quality laboratories.

This case shows a simple cantilever implant bridge for 2 teeth completed in 10 weeks.IMG_8797 IMG_8874

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Welcome back Neelam

We welcome back Neelam Patel after her maternity leave, she will be returning on Wednesdays as of October. Neelam will continue to provide comprehensive treatment to her current patients and welcomes new patients to our practice. Neelam is a general dentist with lots of experience in treating patients with the Inman Aligner and also cosmetic dentistry. Please call 0208 8508820 if you would like to book an appointment.

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