About The Practice


Digital Imaging

We use a state-of-the-art imaging computer to give you a preview of the smile makeover before any treatment is done. Using digital photos of the patient images are immediately loaded onto the computer screen and then a simulation can be performed instantly. This gives the patient a visual idea of what is possible, and how much better they could look.

Imaging is free of charge and takes approximately half an hour. Ask for a free smile analysis. If you decide you want to have a great smile a full consultation would follow later.


The practice is equipped with a laser, which can be used to reshape the gum line in a few seconds without any pain or bleeding. We also have a laser tooth-whitening machine, which can lighten your natural teeth 8 shades in an hour.


Why not enjoy yourself whilst having your treatment done. For longer appointments, patients will be offered the use of some DVD goggles with headphones that you can actually watch a movie through, instead of hearing all the noises of treatment!. The goggles create the illusion that you are watching the movie on a 6ft wide screen and the sound is awesome too. We have a long list of movies of varying lengths, so just sit back and relax while your teeth are made beautiful.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm
Friday 9.00am - 5pm
Saturday 9.00am - 1pm

After hours appointments for extensive treatments are available, but need to be arranged with the dentist.